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e-Newsletter #7, July/August, 2008

This month—Beyond Work/Life Balance

1.  How Resilient are YOU?

2.  Easy tips to improve your health.

3.  Favorite websites.

Hello there!

Change is all around us, it’s constant and it seems to be escalating. A lot of change occurs in the workplace and this inevitably results in more and more work.

Because of all this extra work there has been a lot of interest in learning about work/life balance. In particular people want to learn how to strike a reasonable balance between their work and personal life.

Have you ever wondered why some people “thrive” on change while others struggle? We all know people who “sail” through life’s ups and downs. When faced with hardship and challenges these folk “bounce back” more easily.

One possible reason for this difference might have more to do with resilience than with work/life balance. Perhaps the two are connected and learning to be more resilient will help you find more balance in your life?

So, what is resilience? In a nutshell being resilient means that you have the “resources” needed to adapt to change and to overcome adversity.  

These “resources” include:

- having caring and supportive relationships

- being able to make realistic plans and carry them out

- a positive view of yourself

- earning from your experience and learning about yourself

- forgiving yourself and forgiving others

- skills in communicating and problem-solving

Resilient people tend to be optimistic (see e-newsletter #6 for some tips on how you can become more optimistic).

AND, the good news is…we can all become more resilient.  Becoming more resilient is a personal journey that involves learning new things about your self. This enables you to develop behaviors, thoughts, and actions to keep you flexible and balanced as you deal with the many changes that occur in your life.

All of us react differently to life’s challenges and consequently we all need different strategies. Check out the Mayo Clinic website below for more helpful information.

Easy Tips to Improve Your Health:

1. Too busy to work out? Here’s a tip to help remind you to take those stairs. Researchers found that in one study posting signs encouraging people to take the stairs really worked. To motivate yourself stick notes on your computer, in the car, in your calendar or Blackberry and anywhere else that you will see them on a daily basis.

2.  You can give your brain a boost and “lower your brain age” by doing simple things like writing memos or paying your bills. Finding a new hobby that you like has the same anti-aging benefits.

This month’s favorite websites:

The Mayo Clinic has a HUGE website. There are articles and resources on resilience including a quiz that you can take to see how resilient you are.

This site has been set up to provide you with a free reminder service to help you keep tabs on your goals. Sort of like your mother or a good friend.
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