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eNewsletter #3, March, 2008

This month--Welcome Spring!

1.  Stop Tolerating and Find More ENERGY!

2.  Other News: Exercise and Your Brain!

3.  Websites of the Month!

Hello again!

Do you ever wish you had more energy? Well, you are not alone. Lack of energy is a common complaint in our society. But what is energy and how do we get more of it? In North America we think about energy very differently from people living in other parts of the world.  

Eastern medicine is based on the belief that everything in the world is a form of energy. This energy is seen as constantly flowing through our bodies from conception, through-out life and perhaps into the afterlife. This energy is known as Qi in China, as Prana in India and as Lung in Tibet. 

Energy medicine is used to describe a number of practices that enhance this flow of energy. These practices are based on the principle that we have a subtle energy system that needs as much care as our physical bodies. Acupuncture, Reiki, Shiatsu, and Yoga have been practiced in the East for centuries. Good health depends on a smooth, steady, flow of energy, and if our body’s energy remains unbalanced, illness will result.

Our health and energy levels also depend on our diet, exercise and sleep. Our busy lives don’t always enable us to eat right, exercise regularly and get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night and we may feel like we’ve “run out of energy”.

Obviously we are not machines but we do spend a lot of time in our automobiles. It’s no wonder that when our energy dwindles we think nothing of “fueling up” by grabbing a cup of coffee or a high energy drink.

 Perhaps a better way to “find” more energy is to identify and stop the things that we tolerate in our lives.

What are You Tolerating?

Tolerations are “energy vampires” and if you are like me you tolerate a lot of things. You might be tolerating stuff that other people do that annoy, irritate or upset you. OR you might be tolerating your own bad habits.  Think about a time when you tackled a project that you had been avoiding. Maybe it was to clean out your closets…something that was on your “to do” list for awhile. I’ll bet you noticed an increase in your energy level as soon as you crossed this off your list.

Richard Bisiker in his book Unlock Your Personal Potential: A Self-Coaching Workbook dedicates an entire chapter to Finding More Energy in which he explains how putting up with things (tolerating) creates a lack of energy. This is what he suggests you do:

Begin by creating a TOLERATION LIST. These are the things that you are tolerating now. Once you have made a list you can use it to help answer the following questions:

How much would life improve for you if all the things on your list were gone?

Now, go through the list item by item and ask yourself, “How does it benefit me to put up with this?”

If you know life would be better without the toleration, ask yourself what is really getting in the way of removing it from my life?” Get to the root of the problem and you are more likely to resolve it forever!

Exercise and Your Brain

Just in case you need another good reason to start that exercise program…here’s some interesting research from the February 2008 issue of the Harvard Business Review. Did you know that you learn 20% faster immediately after exercise than you do after sitting still? In one study participants who jogged for 30 minutes two or three times a week for 12 weeks improved their mental functioning, however, when they stopped exercising these benefits disappeared!   Remember! An active lifestyle reduces the risks for Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, anxiety and depression.

This month’s favorite websites If you’re interested in learning more about Eastern medicine Banyen Books is a good place to start. Dr. Louise Demorest is a Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Click on her website under FAQS to learn more about how TCM and Acupuncture can help increase your energy.

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