Profesional Life Coach and a Mentor

The Difference Between a Professional Life Coach and a Mentor

Life coaching and mentoring are both results-oriented but differ significantly in their approach.  Here are two definitions that I've found helpful:

Erickson College defines coaching in the following three ways:

1. Coaching is a new profession that helps people set better goals and reach those goals.

2. Coaching provides tools, structure and support so that people can lead a more fulfilling life according to what is most important to them.

3. Coaching is a partnership.

Although life coaches use many of the same skills as mentors (asking questions, being a sounding board, challenging beliefs and behaviors, cheerleading) the main difference is that a coach is not limited to helping people get ahead at work or in their careers.

Life coaches assist people to achieve goals in all areas of their lives:

:: Health, fitness and wellness

:: Career/Work/Self-Employment

:: Spirituality

:: Relationships

:: Finances

:: The possibilities are endless!

Mentoring programs, on the other hand, are often found in the workplace and provide the following:

A career role-model to emulate

An advocate who will help further your career

Guidance in developing job-related skills

Assistance to develop leadership skills in the workplace

 A mentor is a more experienced person who acts as a role model, guide, or cheerleader. For additional information about mentoring and coaching, visit

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