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Issue #1 January 2008 - New Year’s Resolutions, 5 Proven Strategies to Help You Succeed, Recommended Reading and Favourite Web Sites.

Issue #2 February 2008 - Valentines Day, How to Appreciate Yourself, Self Care, My New Blog.

Issue #3 March, 2008 - Welcome Spring! Stop Tolerating and Find More ENERGY! Exercise and Your Brain!

Issue #4 April 2008 - Working With Passion.

Issue #5 May 2008 - What's holding YOU back? Understanding risks and risk taking and diet tips.

Issue #6 - June 2008 - Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Can we learn to become more optimistic? The mystery of the missing newsletters.

Issue #7 - July/August 2008 - How Resilient Are You? Easy Tips to Improve Your Health.

Issue #8 - September/October 2008 - Happiness - It's Within Your Power to Achieve. More Tips to Improve Your Health.

Issue #9 - November/December 2008 - The Power of Giving - There is more to giving than the exchange of gifts.

Issue #10 January 2009 - New Year's Resolutions - 2009 A brand new year--time to think about those new beginnings.

Issue #11 February 2009 - The Power of Knowing Your Values. Our values represent those things that are really important to us.

Issue #12 March 2009 - This month - Think Green. The Power of Full Engagement

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